Friday 24 January 2020

Daily The Voice of Pakistan Today 24 Jan 2020 Newspaper

Daily Voice of Pakistan is urdu language national newspaper of Pakistan that is published from capital city of Pakistan and Rawalpindi on daily basis. It is ABC certified newspaper and has the responsibility to promote fact based trustworthy, unbiased journalism in Pakistan. That is the way Daily the voice of Pakistan Newspaper can compete with the well-known newspaper publishing in a large number on daily basis. Unbiased news and honest reporting is a key to successful journalism and many newspapers like voice of Pakistan are trying to be on that way. The current Executor Editor of Daily voice of Pakistan Islamabad is Fayyaz Fareed Mulghani and current editor of this newspaper is Waheed Murad. Anyone can buy this newspaper from hawker nearer him just by spending rupees 10 and can read all the eight pages that have news from all around the world especially from Pakistan, its cities, states, provinces and tribal areas.

Click on Daily Voice of Pakistan to read the voice of pakistan epaper of 24-01-2020. While Click Geo News to Watch Geo News Live Streaming Online.

To be always up there for a competition news agencies are using every source from where they can promote their newspaper and channels. One of the fast and most used medium nowadays is Internet surfing. An individual wants everything near him just by sitting at home by using internet and internet has provided every comfort to the human beings. To fill up the gap Daily Voice of Pakistan Epaper has been launched from which a reader can read all the news and updates just by sitting at home through internet surfing. Daily voice of Pakistan can be accessed online just by typing the UR in the Tab bar: This epaper provides all the news and updates published in the newspaper on each day.

Daily Voice of Pakistan Today is gaining popularity among the reader. Epaper of this newspaper has all those eight pages published in printed copy. Front page of newspaper publishes international and national news regarding political changes, regional changes, developmental project, corruption news and stories and many more while page number two is named as twin city publishing news from all across Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It highlight’s the major concerns of the city, also reports from small towns and areas of these cities. Page three is left for news of Khyber Pakhtoon khwaa from where news of politics, crime, health, education and other fields are reported. Page four is editorial page where writers share their points of views in form of columns. Various different writers using their freedom of expression deeply explain their views about any issue occurring on national or international level. Page five publishes news from city to city and from town to town. Page six prints details about news and headlines printed on front pages of newspaper while it also has a section of Classified. Page number seven of daily the voice of Pakistan brings to its readers all the news from sports, entertainment and showbiz world. All current and upcoming sports events are reported in newspaper. News from entertainment world attracts the young ones which help to increase the readership rate. Page eight has special story writings for the events and happening which are the center of attention for people around the globe.

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